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Only the best for your furry ones!

What We Offer


Groom & trim

We specialize in senior dogs and cats.  We take the time to care.  Here there is no fancy cuts or styles, we just get the job done.  

Simple Glam package--Bath and trim

Pampered Blitz package-Bath, trim & ear cleaning

Diva Package-Bath, Trim, ear and teeth cleaning.

Mobile Trip $8.00 extra per trip


Puppy Trim

Puppy cut and de-sensitizing. 

Feline bath and lion cut.

Perfectly painted nails for dogs and cats.

De-matting and Teeth brushing.

Gland extraction and ear plucking.


Extra Serivces

Gland extract on request

Perfectly painted nails


Hair coloring 

Temporary Tattooing

Paw Print Art

Formal Wear

Blitz and Glam outfits

Schedule your appointment today

Let's get booking!  Call me at 713 469-8315  or click the link below.

Please text me at 713 469-8315

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